World Maps for CBSE Class XII Fundamentals of Human Geography

CBSE board examination of class 12 Geography includes 5 marks of identification items on world map. Those students who wish to aspire for cent percent marks must practice map items. Maps for now onwards will be of 10 marks i.e. 5 marks for identification of geographical items in World political map and another 5 marks for locating Geographical items in India political map.

Its has been my experience as CBSE examiner since last 10 years that most (99%) of students and teachers alike never take the maps seriously. Isn't it very awkward that all of them wish to secure good marks by cramming topics and lessons but rarely give maps any importance which may fetch them hefty marks in boards. They just loose marks.... I think if you practice maps you can score as easily as just appearing in the examination room.

Dear students practice maps. I now give you - Fundamental of Human Geography Maps


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Anonymous said...

I am very thankful to you for your pdf's you created on different chapters of geography for class 10. It Truly helped me.
Thank you very much sir.I couldn't have left without a thanks.

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